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13 brings to mind the twelve disciples and their teacher or the twelve months wrapped up together in a year ... We may say that the number 13 intimates a WHOLE! Although 13 is considered by many to be an unlucky number, to us it is a good luck symbol, because we associate it with a very lucky day, and it is our hope that it brings as much good luck to others too. We would very much like to help those of you who still believe 13 to be unlucky to put aside your superstition.

„Always together”

As our slogan "Always Together" says, we want our clients to feel that someone is always there for them, anytime, anywhere! We are not perfect but we are striving for perfection.

At 13Travel, we aim to provide our customers with what we would like to receive: professionalism, promptness, quality, availability and competitive rates. We do not regard competition on the tourist market as a bad thing, quite the contrary. Competition stimulates us to keep abreast of changes and develompents in our industry, in order to be able to always deliver added value to our clients.

„The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”
- Steve Jobs -

Our services

We offer a large variety of customized corporate travel services, constantly striving to deliver the best solutions at competitive rates.


We can book the best accommodation both in the country and abroad, at the most competitive rates available on the market.

Event venues

Booking of the best event venues for conferences, receptions, symposiums or workshops.

Air Tickets

Through our dedicated travel service, you can book the cheapest group airfare or individual tickets.

Travel Consulting

We can provide you with any information you may require in terms of transport, accommodation, meals, penalties/refunds, booking period changes.

18 years
The experience gained in over 18 years of activity in tourism has earned us the trust of our partners

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